Ric Mejias background


Ric Mejias is a young married 50yo (as at 2020) and father of 3 girls who has had the privilege and honour to assist youth, families, businesses, organisations,  governments, Not for Profits, and Charity organisations. Looking forward to more opportunities  ahead.


    • some are willing but not able
    • others are able but not willing
    • I am willing and able “WILLINGABLE” to work, to learn and to help others.
      • Ask yourself, your family and friends each week, what have you done this week for someone else?
  • Solution focussed and result oriented.
    • There is always a reason or person/s to tell you why it cannot, so stay focussed and ask not why it can be done  but how it can be done.


Past and/or present experience in:

  • Project management, Building and Construction, Heritage Management
  • Risk, Security, Safety and Wireless Management
  • Corporate and Government Investigations, Audits and Fraud Control
  • Technical Security, Safety, Networks, Wireless, IT Support Installations and Cabling

Ric Mejias has served or continues to serve as either President, CEO, Managing Director, Head of International Security, National Revenue Control, Pilot, board member, or member of many groups including: customOZ; customONLINE; CO GROUP; CO FUNDS; AS/NZ4859.1; Power COLLECT; Sydney Flying; customOZ Services; Wireless King; sAijem; Schofields Flying Club; Australian Special Operations Service; Australian Specialised Services; Federal Express; FedEx; customOZ Airways; Australian Home Solutions; Rotary International;  Scouts Australia; Help Near You;  Major Event Management;  Governor Properties; Berrima Retreat; Berrima Events; WSC Community Development Advisory Committee, Police Consultative Committee, CAPEC/Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services post 911 aviation/airline security, and others.

Ric Mejias QUALIFICATIONS Past/Present:

  • Pilot
  • Builder
  • Carpenter
  • Special Operations
  • Weapons and Technical Specialist
  • Police Licensed Security Consultant
  • Police Licensed Security Technician Police
  • Licensed Commercial Agent
  • Police Licensed Private Investigator Police
  • Licensed Process Server Police Licensed to Repossess
  • Diploma in Investigations Diploma in Security and Risk Management
  • Diploma in Government Fraud Control Financial Services Certificate
  • Master Cabler Australian Cabling Authority ACA
  • Network Engineering Consultant
  • Fibre Optic Consultant
  • Underground Mine Security and Communications Specialist
  • Specialist in CCTV Specialist in Access Control Systems
  • Specialist in BIO metrics controls
  • Covert Surveillance Consultant
  • Aircraft Pilot
  • Property Maintenance Specialist
  • Airport Security Specialist
  • Property Developer
  • Commercial and Heritage Building Specialist

PROJECTS Managed by Ric Mejias:

  • State Government [Construction] [Access Controls] [CCTV Cameras] [Communications] [Remote Control] [IT] [Wireless Networks] [Heritage building works] [UPS] [WiFi] [Alarms] [Intercoms] [Government Co-Ordination Centre] [Police Operations Centre] [Roads and Maritime Service] [Service NSW]
  • BHP Mines [Access Controls] [CCTV Cameras] [Communications] [Remote Control of Mine sites]
  • NSW Property Service [Maintenance] [Communications] [Security]
  • NSW Department of Education [Communicatons]
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority [Security] [Communications] [Maintenance]
  • Rockwell Automation [Mine upgrades]
  • REX Regional Express [Communications]
  • AMP Control [Power Stations] [Security] [CCTV Cameras] [Communications]
  • Blacktown City Council [Security Lock-up service] [CCTV camera installations]
  • NSW Police [CCTV camera services]
  • NSW Public Trustee [Fire Smoke Alarm Services]
  • NSW Police Major Crime Squads [Specialist Equipment]
  • State Rail Authority [ line upgrades]
  • State Rail Authority [Project Bridge upgrade]
  • Penfords [Communications]</li><li>Dairy Farmers [Communications]
  • Strata and Owners Corporations [Building and Constructions, Maintenance] [Security] [Communications] [Constructions]
  • Federal Express (FedEx) [CCTV cameras] [Risk Management] [Access Controls] [Communications] [Investigations] [Projects]
  • Governor Properties [New Home builds]
  • Macro Developments [Construction]
  • Berrima Retreat [Construction and Projects]
  • NSW Planning [Major infrustructure Consultant]
  • Cincotta Chemist [Construction and Technical]
  • New York University [Project Manager for new Campus] and [Construction, Security, IT and Technical]

Ric Mejias is a vigilant, solution focussed and result oriented person that likes to gets things done and is determined to push past obstacles and challenges.

Hundreds of small, medium, large companies, NFP Organisations, and Government have been assisted by Ric since 1987 which  include:

Beacon Lighting, AC McGrath, Akzo-Nobel, Cromfords, Bico Retail, Bosshard Medical, Brecon, Chiorino, Contours, CTM, CWM, Dancetime, Sydney Boats, Dooze, Ocohome, Elite Sports, Endota Day Spa, Excel Group, FG Services, Focus Uniforms, Freeway Sports, General Fasteners, GFS Performance, Golden Sun, Goulburn Power Centre, Hairhouse Warehouse, Holistic Flooring, Home Horizons, Interactive TV, IAE EDU, Jade Recruitment, Jones Nicolson, JV Holt, La Senza, Legend Hotel, Macair Air Conditioning, Macro Developments, Marketing &amp; Media Solutions, Marques Formwork, Mars Lounge, McCabe Lawyers, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Moorebank Auto, Motion Telecom, New Wave Air Conditioning, Orica, Paediatric Dental Group, PILZ Automation, Premium Doors, Proflite, Sydney Aviation College, Rhino Shades, Smooth Curves, Stanton Plant Hire, Cheryl Christiansen and Associates, Raymar Business Service, Starr Constructions, Starting Blocks, Sydney Ground Transport, Sydney Paediactric Dentistry, Sydney Sea Planes, Tap Dance, San Marina, Chain Saw Mower Centre, United Parcel Service UPS, Village Ford, Western Scrap Metal, Where Finance, Wilma Sports, King Gee Totally Work Wear, World Connect, Wunda Automotive, Cincotta Chemist, Merrylands Family Practice, Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services, NSW Police, NSW Government, NSW Planning, Governor Properties, Berrima Retreat, Wingecarribee Shire Council, Maitland Council, Scouts Australia, Rotary International, New York University (NYU), Beyond Property Legal Solutions, and many, many more to name but a few.


Ric Mejias CHARITY service/support past and/or present for:

  • Red Kite (caring for kids with cancer)
  • Scouts Australia
  • Rotary International
  • St John Ambulance Australia
  • Engadine Youth Centre
  • Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
  • Illawarra Convoy, etc.

Looking forward to more opportunities  ahead. Call 1300799409