Ric Mejias background


Ric Mejias is a young married 53yo (as at 2023) and father of 3 girls who has had the privilege and honour to assist youth, families, businesses, organisations,  governments, Not for Profits, and Charity organisations. Looking forward to more opportunities  ahead.


    • some are willing but not able
    • others are able but not willing
    • Let us all try to be “WILLINGABLE” (willing and able ) to work for others, to work with others,  whilst wanting to always learn and to offer to help others.
  • Solution focussed and result oriented.
    • There is always a reason or person/s to tell you why it, someone or something cannot or should not occur, and our goal is to stay focussed and avoid the question “can this be done?” and resolve yourself and others on “how it can be done”.


Past and/or present experience with:

  • Project management, Building and Construction, Heritage Management
  • Risk, Security, Safety and Wireless Management
  • Corporate and Government Investigations, Audits and Fraud Control
  • Technical Security, Safety, Networks, Wireless, IT Support Installations and Cabling
  • Community and Not For Profits
  • Government (local, state, federal)

Ric Mejias has served or continues to serve as either President, CEO, Managing Director, Projects CEO, Head of International Security, National Revenue Control, Pilot, board member, or member of many groups including: customOZ; customONLINE; CO GROUP; CO FUNDS; Power COLLECT; Sydney Flying; customOZ Services; Wireless King; sAijem; Schofields Flying Club; Australian Special Operations Service; Australian Specialised Services; Federal Express; FedEx; customOZ Airways; Australian Home Solutions; Rotary International;  Scouts Australia; Help Near You;  Major Event Management;  Governor Properties; Berrima Retreat; Berrima Events; Community Development, Police Consultative, CAPEC/Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services post 911 aviation/airline security, BUYplanes, St John Ambulance, and others.

Ric Mejias QUALIFICATIONS Past/Present:

  • Husband and Father of 3
  • Aircraft Pilot, Chief Pilot
  • Qualified Builder and Inspector
  • Qualified Carpenter
  • Rescue Scuba Diver
  • Special Operations Agent
  • Weapons and Technical Specialist
  • Police Licensed Security Consultant
  • Police Licensed Security Technician
  • Court and Police Licensed Commercial Agent
  • Court and Police Licensed Investigator
  • Diploma in Investigations Diploma in Security and Risk Management
  • Diploma in Government Fraud Control Financial Services Certificate
  • Master Cabler Australian Cabling Authority ACA
  • Network Engineering Consultant
  • Underground Mine Security and Communications Specialist
  • Specialist in CCTV Specialist in Access Control Systems
  • Specialist in BIO metrics controls
  • Covert Surveillance Consultant
  • Property Manager
  • Airport Security Specialist
  • Property Developer and Builder
  • Commercial and Heritage Building Specialist

PROJECTS Managed by Ric Mejias (past and/or present):

  • Various levels of Government projects since 1988
  • Mine projects with BHP, South 32, RIO Tinto, Delta, etc
  • NSW Property Service
  • NSW Department of Education
  • NSW Department of Planning
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
  • Rockwell Automation
  • REX Regional Express
  • AMP Control
  • Various Councils
  • NSW Police
  • NSW Public Trustee
  • NSW Police Major Crime Squads
  • State Rail Authority
  • State Rail Authority
  • Penfords
  • Strata and Owners Corporations
  • Federal Express (FedEx)
  • Governor Properties
  • Macro Developments
  • Berrima Retreat
  • Cincotta Chemist
  • New York University
  • and hundreds of small, medium, and large projects since 1988

Ric Mejias is a vigilant, solution focussed and result oriented person that likes to gets things done and is determined.

Hundreds of small, medium, large companies, NFP Organisations, and Government have been assisted by Ric since 1988.

Ric Mejias CHARITY service/support past and/or present for:

  • Red Kite (caring for kids with cancer)
  • Scouts Australia
  • Rotary International
  • St John Ambulance Australia
  • Engadine Youth Centre
  • Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
  • Illawarra Convoy
  • Police Consultative
  • Community Development
  • Bush Fire Recovery
  • etc.

Looking forward to more opportunities  ahead. Call +61294351551

Fly away to White Cliffs and lots more

Another great weekend as Pilot in Command with a great team of 9 Pilots and 3 aircraft. We departed Sydney’s Bankstown airport with first stop Orange in Western NSW and we were greated with a cool reception of  7 degrees celcius before departing for Parkes, Cobar and stopping at White Cliffs NSW and old Opal Mining town.

White Cliff is an opal town in the North West of New South Wales, Australia and a terrific and unique place to visit.

Most of the town live underground in homes called ‘dugouts’.

Dugouts are homes burried and dug into the rock.

Too hot outside, well the Dugouts make perfect sense as they remain a constant 22°C  most the year round and stay dry, and well ventilated. In a dugout you may not have to use a heater, or air-conditioning as they are confortable all year round.

We all stayed at a great place called the Underground Motel http://www.undergroundmotel.com.au/ and it is highly recommended. More than just a motel, what you will find here is the opportunity to share a unique lifestyle.

Free shuttle service offered by the underground hotel. As 9 of us flew in we were greeted within minutes by the friendly staff of the hotel as they picked us all up and not only took us to the hotel, but back and forth to the pub and airport again the next day. good service.

Aviation fuel is available via the owner of the local Pub and Hotel who is also a local Pilot. The Pub is anice place to kick back and relax and is the center of town and center of hospitality.

A great weekend was had by all and this was another great experience to Fly away to a great place. Well worth the visit.