Ric Mejias President, CEO, Managing Director or board member of many groups including:
customOZ; customONLINE; CO GROUP; CO FUNDS; AS/NZ4859.1; power COLLECT; and others.
Ric Mejias describes is a as vigilant, cost focussed and result oriented person. Ric Mejias likes to gets things done and is determined to get things done.

  • Police Licensed Security Consultant
  • Police Licensed Security Technician
  • Police Licensed Commercial Agent
  • Police Licensed Private Investigator
  • Police Licensed Process Server
  • Police Licensed to Repossess
  • Diploma in Investigations
  • Diploma in Security and Risk Management
  • Diploma in Government Fraud Control
  • Financial Services Certificate
  • Master Cabler Australian Cabling Authority ACA
  • Network Engineering Consultant
  • Fibre Optic Consultant
  • Underground Mine Security and Communications Specialist
  • Specialist in CCTV
  • Specialist in Access Control Systems
  • Specialist in BIO metrics controls
  • Covert Surveillance Consultant
  • Pilot
  • Property Maintenance Specialist
  • Strata Management Agent
  • Airport Security Specialist
  • Property Developer
  • Commercial Building Specialist

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