Security Risk Management

CO Funds Management acts as trustee for many unique/boutique and independent entities with Ric Mejias as President.
Ric Mejias has extensive property, security, finance and management experience with his first property purchased in 1988. In 1989 Ric Mejias security business was entrusted with multiple contracts for security services with Blacktown City Council, Roads and Traffic Authority, State Rail Authority, NSW Police and many business contracts. Ric Mejias has over 22 years experience in business and/or in senior roles at General Motors, Federal Express (FedEx) and was heavily involved in Revenue, Tax, Security and Property compliance during the GST implementation and post 911 airport/aviation security. Ric Mejias has been thru many of the good and tough times and continues to grow his expertise in critical support areas.

Ric Mejias was heavily involved in post 911 security implementations around Australia and Oceania and was the senior industry representative on Government policy implementations and a senior CAPEC security member.

Investigations and recovery of debts acting for General Motors, State Bank, American Express, Federal Express (FedEx) and many leading companies is an area Ric Mejias has a proven track record in for dramatic results. Ric Mejias was a leader and instrumental in multimillion dollar GST implementation projects with award from FedEx for his project work with them.

Positive Geared assets remain the focus of the group and Ric Mejias continues to negotiate assets for the group and clients that require little or no post purchase cash input in most cases.

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Security Risk Management